Thinking Outside the Box

Published February 2019   4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Creative Team In today’s business world nothing makes a bigger impact than marketing, advertising, and other print and digital efforts. Choosing what to do for these important aspects of your company is a big decision that you should know all of the information before making. One option that companies have when deciding how their print and digital elements will be created is to build an “in-house” team. This is a group of individuals that work within your company and have their freedom with communication and marketing. This is hiring… Read More

So You Want to Design a Logo?

Published December 2018   Whether you are at the place in your company to get your first logo, or you are due for a re-branded one, you’ve probably realized that what you decide to use as the logo for your brand is very important. Choosing one that is able to capture what you want to say to your audience and how you want it to look. A logo is one of the most important marks that your company will have and one of the loudest sayings you will have. You put it on everything, it is the center of everything… Read More

Let’s Talk Web Design

Published November 2018   Websites. Websites. Websites. In today’s business world, they can be your worst or your best friend. It can be overwhelming thinking about how to put your company on the web with so many different options out there for developing it, designing it, hosting it, and optimizing it. We want to fill you in on some of the basic principals that you should understand when choosing how to create, or re-create your companies website. Basically, this is like first choosing to shop for clothes at an on or off brand store, and then choosing what on or… Read More

Choosing a Trustable Design Firm

Published October 2018   There are many options out there for your design needs. Large firms based out of big cities, medium sized firms in your city, small local firms, and more. So, the question is: “How do you choose one?” I’d even say the better question is: “What do you want in a Design Firm?” Do you want somewhere that has several employees you will never be in contact with? Do you want to be the 100th in line of priority? Or, do you want a company that prioritizes you, even in the small things. That focuses so individually… Read More